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January 19, 2009


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I will not blame the government for trying to prevent banks from raping consumers. It blows my mind that they are doing this in plain sight of us all. First they take 700 billion dollars out of our pockets because their dirty money making schemes failed (and nearly caused the collapse of the country), and now they’re taking more money out of our pockets to fatten their profits even more. We are being bent over and robbed and no one seems to care. The government and corporations both have their problems but at least the government has the best interest of the citizens and country in mind…at least to some extent. Corporations interest is profit at any cost, even if it means destroying american citizens and the country as a whole. They will bring america to its knees.


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There are God designed roles that should be embraced if anyone is to experience "marital bliss." This couple makes you uncomfortable because they are *more* Christ-like in their view of marriage than you. Truth always makes truth-deniers uncomfortable.

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We need to protect the jobs and natural resources that keep our local communities strong and healthy, public schools and critical services and we can’t afford more tax breaks that only benefit the wealthy.

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Thanks speakers thought that changes in the news media had contributed towards any growth in public cynicism and intolerance, alongside the 'personalization' Steel Stockholders Scotland

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